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Cyrus GFO

Independent, with global solutions

Cyrus GFO seeks to identify and select investment opportunities that would be an alternative to listed securities and in which it may invest or co-invest with partners. The main focus is on distressed assets,real estate investments, digital assets and new technologies, healthcare, precious metals, antiques and art. 

It seeks to help and enable like-minded investors to connect, share knowledge and mutually beneficial investment opportunities to consider. 

With our leading Luxembourg partner and attorney, Arvine Zamani, tailor made solutions can be designed and offered to corporate executives, international families and entrepreneurs who will invest alongside us for the structuring of their investments or their relocations including, as the case may be, with the introduction to a selected network of private banks, international attorneys and tax advisors in selected jurisdictions. 


Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Investment and co-investment opportunities

We are always keen to identify and select investment opportunities in which we may co-invest or introduce to prospective professional co-investors. We are particularly interested in distressed assets, the real estate, digital and new technologies, health-care, precious metals and art sector.


Connecting likeminded professional investors

We work with a broad network of private banks, attorneys and tax advisors in order to assist prospects or co-investors in the structuring of their investments. Estate planning support can also be provided through our network of attorneys and tax advisors.

With our leading Luxembourg partner and attorney, Arvine Zamani, we can assist international families, entrepreneurs and corporate executives in their relocations. In so doing, we organise a first introductory meeting where the specific facts and circumstances are taken into account. A relocation often entails a personal, financial, legal, administrative and tax angle to consider. A tailor-made roadmap is designed with Arvine Zamani together with our international network of partners in order to take into account the specific needs of our co-investors prior to the relocation.

Engagement and causes 

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

We try to contribute our fair share by supporting causes which are dear to us such as the fight against cancer, advocating for a classical education, the dialogues between  different cultures and the march towards a more diverse and inclusive society to name a few examples.

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